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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Hi guys! I’m back! Sorry for the long absence. As I mentioned before, I was sick and advised by the doctor to have a complete bed rest. But because I’m a hard headed person, I didn’t follow what the doctor said. The pain in my lower back was getting worst. And now, I have no choice, I have to stop schooling. Hubby was very caring to me. He’s always looking after me. He installed me in the bed and make sure I’m comfortable and my laptop next to me. Thought I have my laptop with me, I can’t update my blog because he don’t want me to work with my computer. All I did was watched tagalog movies from and my favourite teleserye LOBO. The good rest really helps me a lot. Now, I feel better. I can set in the sofa without pain in my back. I can start updating my blog now.

I’m really sorry again guys. I was not able to visit your blog. And to those bloggers who always visit my blog, Thank you so much. Now I have all my time in with my laptop. I can work fulltime now.